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Semi Truck & Trailer Storage

If you’re looking for truck and trailer storage for any type of heavy commercial truck and trailer, Jack’s Wrecker Service should be your preferred choice.

A Secure Outdoor Storage Facility in Melbourne, FL

Finding the perfect place to store a large vehicle, such as a semi-truck, semi-trailer, or RV, can be challenging. Jack’s Wrecker Service is pleased to offer space at their outdoor storage facility to store these larger vehicles in a secure location. The company offers short and long-term storage plans that provide customers with affordable off-site storage solutions for semi-truck, semi-trailers, RVs, construction equipment, and other large vehicles that don’t fit in a standard garage.

Storage Solutions to Meet Your Needs

If you’re searching for an outdoor storage facility in Melbourne, FL, we offer the ideal solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our large property offers excellent security features to give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. With easy access when you need your vehicle, you won’t find a more reliable storage solution in the area. We are available for the following:

  • Semi-Truck Storage
  • Semi-Truck Trailer Storage
  • RV Trailer Storage
  • Construction Equipment Storage
  • And More!

Whether you need semi-trailer storage or outdoor storage for another large vehicle, such as a boat or RV, our team can help you explore your options and discover why we offer the best solutions.

We Serve Individual and Business Needs

Our outdoor storage facility in Melbourne, FL, is large enough to accommodate all needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for RV trailer storage or a company that needs to store a portion of your fleet, you will find the solutions you need. With long and short-term storage options, you won’t pay more than necessary for your outdoor trailer storage needs.

Boat Storage Melbourne, FL

Jack’s Wrecker Service offers lighted, secure outdoor storage services for boats, recreation vehicles, buses, coaches, RV trailers, and cars. Our storage services allow seasonal residents to store our boat, trailer, supplies, and equipment during the off-season. Contact Jack’s Wrecker Service to learn about our affordable storage services.

Jack’s Wrecker Service offers safe and secure storage for your trailers and vehicles. Our facility is secured and centrally located just off Interstate 95 in Melbourne, FL.

View Our Storage Services

  • Dry Trailer Storage
  • Tank Trailer Storage
  • Dump Trailer Storage
  • Motorcycle Storage
  • Sea Container Storage
  • Motorhome Storage
  • Camping Trailer Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Boat Storage

Rotator Services

Affordable Melbourne and East Central Florida Rotator Services

Jack’s Wrecker Service delivers excellent value to its mobile crane service customers.
With our extended reach crane, we provide top-quality mobile crane services for a fraction of the cost of large crane companies. We maintain 75 Ton Crane Truck with extended reach for all mobile crane needs. This truck can load and offload heavy equipment and machinery and set materials and equipment for building roofs. For the most affordable mobile crane service in Melbourne and East Central, FL, call Jack’s Wrecker Service at 321-259-3115.

Our versatile crane fleet is operated by experienced Mobile Crane Operators skilled at beam setting, equipment loading, trailer bunking and unbunking, truck cab stacking, and other heavy-duty crane services. For affordable crane rental, call our dispatch center now at 321-259-3115 to order your mobile crane service.